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(Revised 2010)

Table of contents




1                                 Name and Location

2                                 Purpose, Objective & Activities

3                                 Membership

4                                 Organization (General Body, Board of Trustees & Executive Committee)

5                                 Elections

6                                 Imam

7                                 Mediation & Arbitration

8                                 Dissolution

9                                 Amendments

10                             Misc. Provisions

Section B :  BYLAWS


  1. Membership and Contribution
  2. General body
  3. Board of Trustees
  4. Executive Committee
  5. Imam
  6. Working Committees
  7. Finance
  8. Election



Pursuant to the principles and fundamentals of the Holy faith of Islam, the members of the Islamic association of Mid Cities recognize Islam as the total way of  life based on the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and have pledge to endeavor practicing it as such, do herby adopt and give ourselves this Constitution and these Bylaws, and pledge to abide by all of its provision.


ARTICLE  1.                        NAME & LOCATION

1.01   NAME. The name of this organization is ISLAMIC ASSOCIATION OF MID CITIES, Hereinafter referred to as IAMC.

1.02   LOCATION. The principle office of  IAMC shall be located at 500 Cheek-Sparger road, Colleyville, TX 76034, (also known as the “Masjid”).


2.01      PURPOSE. IAMC shall be a non-profit, non-political entity, which shall  qualify as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal   Revenue Services  Code.

  1. IAMC  has been formed exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes.
  2. IAMC shall not devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities in attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise, except as provided by the Internal Revenue Code and related regulations, rulings and procedures.
  3. IAMC shall not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any  candidate for public office. Prohibited activities include the publishing or distributing of statements and any other direct or indirect campaign activities.
  4. IAMC shall not engage in unrelated trade or business except as secondary purpose related to the IAMC primary, tax exempt objectives.

2.02      OBJECTIVES. The primary objective is to serve the Muslims of the Mid

Cities and the surrounding communities for the purpose of organizing religious and social activities, defined as hereunder.

  1. Strengthen and enhance the faith of all Muslims in Allah (SWT),  His Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and The Holy Quran.
  2. Provide an atmosphere for children and adults  where they can associate, learn and participate in Islamic activities.
  3. Promote relations and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  4. IAMC shall not have Objectives that may characterize it as an action organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code and related regulations, rulings and procedures.

2.03      ACTIVITIES. In accordance with IAMC’s primary objectives, following   are the main guidelines for the activities.

  1. To arrange programs, lectures and similar activities to enlighten everyone by the words of Allah(SWT) and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), so as to grow and strengthen their faith, trust, hope and love
  2. Establish daily five (5) prayers, Jumah (Friday) and Eid  prayers in accordance with the teachings of Islam.
  3. Endeavor to propagate Islam and actively engage in Islamic Dawah work utilizing all available means of communication.
  4. Promote Islamic education by establishing and maintaining Masjid,  libraries, Islamic Centers, schools, institutions of higher education. It shall also work to establish cemeteries, funeral facilities, community centers, child care centers, and health clinics.
  5. Cooperate with other Islamic communities and institutions pursuing similar goals and objectives and shall foster communication, coordination and cooperation among such entities.
  6. Endeavor  to aid local , national; and international relief organizations, as approved and permitted by the law.
  7. Promote good relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.



3.01    forth in the article 2,  will be eligible for  membership, provided that they meet the requirements of eligibility as defined in the Bylaws .

3.02    All membership applications, on a prescribed form shall be submitted to the executive committee. The Executive committee may accept or reject an application. Rejected applications may be resubmitted for reconsideration three  months after the denial date. In case of rejection of the resubmitted application by the Executive committee, the applicant my file an appeal with the Board of Trustees (Board).

3.03     All Muslim residents of  Mid Cities and surrounding area within a 10 mile radius will be eligible to be members, as defined in the geographic area. Only members in good standing who have paid their membership dues at least 5 months prior to election date are eligible to vote , in accordance with article I

3.04    All members and non-members who visit or attend IAMC must abide by the By-laws of the organization


  1. A member who fails to pay the membership dues, as set forth in BYLAWS will have membership automatically terminated.
  2. All members must conduct themselves in accordance with IAMC policies while on IAMC premises and gatherings and follow the Laws of the land. Membership will be rescinded if a member has disregarded the provisions of the Constitution or Bylaws. Such proceedings may be initiated on a written request by two or more of the voting members of the IAMC, which are not from the same family and decided upon by 80% vote of the Executive committee.
  3. A decision to rescind membership if approved by the EC must be ratified by the Board.
  4. A terminated member may reapply for membership one year following his/her termination, or six months proceeding an election.
  5. A terminated member my appeal to the Board to be re-instated.
  6. If the terminated member does not agree with the decision of the Board s/he may go through the arbitration process as defined in article 7


All members who are elected to the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee shall be either be born or naturalized US citizens or  a Resident Alien  holding a Valid Green good through the term they will serve.





4.01             DEFINITION

IAMC’s functional structure shall comprise of  General Body, Executive Committee and Board of Trustees.

4.02             GENERAL BODY :

  1. The General Body consists of all the Members of the Association, who are current in their membership dues
  2. The Board of Trustees (Board) and the Executive committee (EC), the two governing bodies of the association, shall be elected from the Members of the General Body. Both Board and EC are responsible to the General Body.


  1. The Board, the highest level in the hierarchy of IAMC’s  governing bodies, shall have the Highest organizational responsibilities, vested to it by the General Body
  2. The Board shall be directly responsible to the General Body
  3. The Board is not responsible for day to day management of the Association
  4. The Board shall be responsible for the over all direction of IAMC,  by assuring adherence to the Constitution of IAMC.
  5. The Board shall determine and maintain the independence and integrity of IAMC and its holdings, which shall be consistent with the Doctrines and Concepts of Islam and in keeping with the best interest of IAMC.
  6. The Board shall review the records and financial statements of IAMC on a periodic basis in its sole discretion to ensure accuracy and integrity of the organization.
    1. The Board shall consist of seven (7) members, called trustees. 5 Trustees shall be elected by the General Body from its eligible members. The 6th. Trustee shall be the immediate past president of the EC. The 7th shall be the president of the EC.
    2. The members eligible to become trustee by contesting election:
      1. Must be a Current voting members of the General Body,
      2. Has lived in the community for the past 3 years
      3. Has either served in the Executive Community or volunteered significant time and effort in IAMC projects
      4. Enjoy a good standing in the community.
      5. Has paid all membership dues regularly for the last 5 years.
      6. For transitional purposes during the first election, two trustees will be elected for a 2 years term and the remaining three trustees will be elected for a 4 year term.
      7. All subsequent elections for trustees every two years will be for a term of 4 years.
      8. Trustees shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the General Body.
      9. There is no term limit for Board Members to contest for a trustee position, but they must be in good health to serve.
      10. Functions and responsibilities of the Board shall be in accordance to the bylaws of the association.
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  1. The EC , under overall guidance of the Board, shall be responsible for:
    1. Administering day to day management of the functions of the association
    2. Planning, developing and implement programs and activities and periodically providing guidelines for such programs and activities to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in article 2.
    3. Taking care of maintenance and up keep of the association’s property and facilities.
    4. Helping the Board achieve it’s responsibilities towards the association.
    5. Keeping the Board and general body  appraised of association’s activities, challenges and accomplishments.
    6. Making sure no part of the association’s funds, property and facilities is used for the benefit of, or distributed to any member(s) of the Board or the EC or the association with certain exceptions of Zaqat and Sadaq.
  1. The EC shall consist of five (5) eligible members of the association’s General Body who are elected by the general body every two years.
  2. The general Body shall elect President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Social Coordinator.
  3. The EC shall select two youths: one male and one female under the age of 19 to be non-voting representatives.
  4. A member shall not serve for more than 3 consecutive terms  for the same office.
  5. Eligibility of the EC member shall be based on following criteria :
    1. Voting members of the association, who have been in good standing for a minimum of 2 years and have paid their dues regularly for the previous 2 years
    2. Determination of the eligibility shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee subject to review by the Board.

ARTICLE  5.            ELECTIONS

5.01                    The elections for members of EC and the  Members for The Board of Trustees shall be held every other year at the end of term of the Executive Committee.

5.02                        The elections shall be held no later than the first Sunday of December. For this purpose, the formation of an Election Commission and the  procedure and schedule  of the election shall be according to the article VIII of the Bylaws

ARTICLE   6.            IMAM

6.01               The IMAM  of the Association shall be  a SUNNI Muslim, well versed in Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh.

6.02               The duties and responsibilities of the Imam shall be in accordance with the Bylaws.

6.03         The Imam shall attend the meetings of the Board and the E C at the request of the Chairperson of the Board or the President of the Executive Committee.

6.04         The selection, approval and removal of the Imam will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.



7.01            Any conflicts or disputes in the Association shall be resolved according to the process outlined in this article.

7.02            Any disputes among the members shall be referred to  the E C.

7.03            Any member disputes, per section 7.02 above, not resolved by the E C, or  any disputes among the members of the EC shall be referred to the Board.

7.04            Any conflicts associated with the school not resolved within the school structure shall be referred to the board.

7.05            For any disputes that the Board may  prefer to be handled by an outside committee,  or any disputes involving the Board members, the Board may             form an arbitration committee.

7.06            The arbitration Committee shall consist of one member selected by the Board from the General Body of IAMC plus two members selected from             the circle of Imams, Chairman of the Board (or equivalent) or President of Executive Committee (or equivalent) in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area Masajids.

7.07            The Arbitration Committee shall have final and binding authority to impose corrective actions, as it deems fair. When the Arbitration             Committee renders such decisions, they shall be deemed final and binding on all members of IAMC.



7.01             If for any unfortunate circumstances or events the dissolution of the Association is considered, following process must be followed.

7.02             Meeting.

  1. At least 75% of the Voting Members shall request that the Board call a special General Body meeting to vote on Dissolution.
  2. A written notice shall be sent to all Voting Members at their last known address.
  3. 90% of the Voting Members must vote for dissolution in the special General Body meeting.
  4. The Board and the E C shall subsequently implement this action of the General Body.

7.03             Disposition of Assets.

The Board  shall make the first disposal to another Islamic Sunni organization, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes and qualifies as a Tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as now in force or afterwards amended.

7.04             Any legal action regarding the dissolution may only be instituted in Tarrant County, Texas.

ARTICLE  9.                        AMENDMENTS

8.01               Proposal to Amend the Constitution.

  1. Any amendment to this constitution may be proposed if at least two-thirds of the Voting Members of the Association submit a written proposal to the EC.
  2. Upon a four-fifth majority vote of the EC, and a six-seventh  majority vote of the Board,  the Board and the EC may jointly propose amendments to this constitution by submitting a written proposal to the General Body.
  3. All proposed amendments should be circulated in writing amongst the General Body 60 days prior to any constitutional amendment meeting.
  4. Proposed amendments can be discussed in the annual General Body meeting.
  5. A special meeting of the General Body, for the purpose of voting on constitutional amendment/amendments, may be called if the Board and the EC jointly deem it necessary.
  6. Quorum for any constitutional amendment, in annual General Body meeting or specially called meeting, shall be 60% of all the eligible Voting Members. A reconvened meeting for this purpose shall have no quorum.
  7. A three-fourth majority of the Voting members present in the meeting must approve the proposed amendments for them to be effective.

8.02               Proposal to Amend the Bylaws.

  1. Any amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by a member of the EC or the Board.
  2. The Voting Members may also suggest an amendment to the Bylaws by simply writing to the EC or the Board.
  3. All the proposed amendments shall be discussed in Joint meeting of the Board and EC. A nine of eleven majority vote shall be required to approve any such amendments.
  4. Upon approval, a notice of the same, shall be put on the Notice Board in the Masjid for a period of 90 days.


9.01                  General. The following miscellaneous provisions apply  to all the

Governing bodies of the association including committees, members, nonmembers, guests, and contractors.

9.02                  Compensation. The Board, the EC or any volunteer committee members shall not receive salaries, remuneration, compensation, or wages or realize other private gains for their services to the Association., directly or indirectly. To avoid any conflict of interest the members of the Board and the EC shall not engage in business with or participate in any competitive bidding to render any paid services to IAMC. No loans shall be made by the Association to its Trustees , officers or members.

9.03   Donations .

  1. The board or the EC may accept on behalf of the Association any property by way of gift or bequest from any person, firm, trust or corporation. Such property shall be held, administered, and disposed of in accordance with pursuant to the provisions of this constitution and Bylaws. However, no gift, bequest of any such property shall be received or accepted if it is conditional or limited in such a manner as to require the disposition  of the funds  or property for any purpose other than the purpose set forth in article 2 hereof, or in violation of any local, state  and federal laws.
  1. Donations, once accepted are nonrefundable, unless they are for specific projects and a prior written agreement between the donor and IAMC, regarding the terms and conditions of the refunds in on file.
  2. Real property may only be accepted by the Board.

9.03                  Insurance. The Association shall, at all times, carry adequate liability and property and casualty insurance. Members of the Board , EC and other committees shall not be liable either individually or collectively for the actions of the IAMC. The Association shall indemnify the members of the Board/ EC and other committees against claims brought on in relation to the activities of the associations.

9.04                  Criminal offence. If a member of the Board, Executive Committee or   any standing committee is indicted for any misdemeanor offence,  his or her membership is immediately suspended from his office pending the outcome of the trial. If convicted, after all appeals, if any, he or she shall be automatically be expelled from the office.

9.05                  Conflict of interest. Members of the Board or EC will not be allowed to  become office bearers of any other Islamic association. The EC must ensure that such affiliation of the member will not cause any conflict of interest with the objective and functioning of the Association.

9.06                  Language / Communication. The medium of communication for all meetings, announcements, and notices pursuant to this constitution shall be English. Any and all available means of communications, including US mail, telephone, flyers, notice board and e-mail may be used for conveying messages, notices etc, as deemed necessary as the most effective means, for the said purpose.



In the Name of ALLAH, the Beneficent , the Merciful





  1. Members : All Muslim residents of the Mid-cities and surrounding areas will be eligible for membership of IAMC, subject to the following conditions .
    1. a. Applicant should be 18 years of age or over
    2. b. Annual dues of $60 for single member and $120 for family are payable in advance.
    3. c. .
    4. d. Membership dues are to be paid by April 30th. of each year. A reminder letter is sent out at the beginning of each year.
    5. e. If a member is in arrears for six months i.e. dues not paid by June 30th, he or she ceases to be a member of IAMC.
    6. f. Once Membership has ceased the person may reapply for membership to be reinstated after three months
    7. g. At the time of general election, a member has to be current in his or her membership dues for at least 5 months in order to exercise voting rights.
    8. h. New members in the community may apply for membership at any time, however, they must be a member of the organization for the  preceding 5 months in order to exercise their right to vote.
    9. i. The 10 mile radius requirement in the bylaws does not preclude Muslims residing outside this boundary to be became members of IAMC, but rather serve as a tool to prioritize school admissions and other activities.
    1. The entire membership of IAMC constitutes the General Body.
    2. The General Body will meet at least once a year or as directed by the Executive Committee or the Board. The date time and place of the meeting shall be decided by the President in consultation with the EC
    3. A 30 days notice  shall be provided to the members by the president prior to the meeting.
    4. All members of the Association will be notified through appropriate means which may include any or all of the following, notice board, announcements, newsletter, telephone, e-mails or US mail.

III            BOARD OF TRUSTEES (The Board)

Meetings :

  1. The Board shall meet at least every quarter.
  2. For any Board meeting presence of 4 of 7 members will constitute the quorum.
  3. The Chairman of the Board shall preside over all the meetings. In his/her absence, the vice chairman shall be in charge of the meeting.
  4. The meetings of the Board will be conducted in the Mosque unless another place is agreed upon by all the Board members.
  5. A majority of the Board of trustees members may request the Chairman to call a special / emergency meeting  on 3 days notice.
  6. The minutes of the meeting will be recorded by the secretary of the Board. In his absence, the Vice Chairman  will be responsible for minutes.
  7. The decision of the Board will be by simple majority, unless a higher voting majority is specifically called for in the constitution or Bylaws for some decisions of special importance.

Responsibilities And Authority Of The Board :

  1. The Board shall develop and set the overall long-term vision and  direction  to achieve the objectives of the Association.
  2. The Board of Trustees shall determine and maintain the independence and integrity of the Association and its holdings, which will be consistent with the doctrines and concepts of Islam and in keeping with the best interest of IAMC.
  3. The Board shall resolve all disputes among other branches of IAMC and adjudicate all conflicts referred tot the Board.
  4. The Board shall have the authority and power to buy, sell, exchange lease, pledge, transfer or dispose of any facilities and property of the Association after ratification of  such decisions from the General Body in accordance with the exceptions of purchase and sale of Cemetery lots.
  5. The Board may review and audit financial statements and records of the Association, on  periodic basis, to ensure accuracy and integrity of the organization. The President and Treasurer of EC will assist and facilitate any such reviews and audits.
  6. The Board, by sixth seventh vote, will have the authority to suspend the EC and call a General Body  meeting to discuss and arrange a new election of the EC, if it the opinion of the Board, the EC is not performing its responsibility satisfactorily, or functioning contrary to the purpose and objectives of IAMC, as stated in the constitution.
  7. If for any reason, the entire EC resigns before their term is completed, the Board will immediately appoint an Election Committee Chairperson to conduct new elections within 45 days. During the interim period, the Board will either take over, or appoint an interim care taker committee from the members of General Body in good standing, or may request the past EC president to continue to run the day to day affairs of the association.

Chairman :

  1. The Board shall elect  their own Chairman by a simple majority vote in their first meeting of each new term.
  2. The term of the Chairman shall be one two (2) year term. No person can be elected to this position for more than 2 consecutive terms.
  3. The chairman will preside over the meetings of the Board.
  4. The Chairman of the Board will convey the decisions of the Board to the President of the EC for further implementation.
  5. The Chairman of the Board shall preside over the annual General Body Meetings held for election of the EC and appoint volunteers to assist in the conduct of the elections.

Vice Chairman :

  1. The Board shall  elect a Vice Chairman by simple majority in the first meeting of each new term.
  2. The Vice Chairman shall preside over the meetings of Board in the absence of Chairman.

 Secretary :

  1. The Board shall elect a secretary from its members in the first meeting of each new term.
  2. The Secretary shall be responsible for arranging Board meetings, informing the Board members and taking minutes of the meetings.
  3. The Secretary shall also be responsible for keeping records of the activities of Board.

Removal / Resignation :

  1. Any Trustee may be removed from the office by a vote of at least 6  of the members of the Board at a regular or specially called meeting of the Board at which quorum is present, with cause for : (1)violation of these Bylaws, (2)failing to attend  three meetings  of the Board in a calendar year without justifiable reason for  which Board is timely informed, or (3) performing acts repugnant to the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of IAMC, (4) behavior contrary to the teaching of Islam. Such removal may occur only if the Trustee involved is first provided with adequate notice of the charges against him  or her in the form of a statement of such charges by the Board, sent by certified or registered mail to the last known address of such Trustee. The Trustee involved shall have the right to respond to these charges. Each member of the Board shall review any response independently.
  2. Any Trustee who has been removed from the Board , may arbitrate the matter in accordance with  Article of the Constitution.
  3. In case of a voluntary resignation or demise of a Trustee, the Board   may nominate a member for the vacated seat from the General Body members, who qualify to be a member of the Board, for the remainder of the term.


Meetings :

  1. The first meeting of the EC shall be with in 30 of election of the EC by General Body.
  2. EC shall meet at least once every month for regular meeting.
  3. President or a majority of EC member can call for a special meeting, if needed, to discuss any urgent matters. Such meetings may be called on a short notice of not less than 48 hrs.
  4. All meetings shall be held at the Mosque at times convenient to the a majority of the EC members.
  5. The presence of three-fifth of the members of the EC shall constitute the  Quorum.
  6. All decisions shall be adopted by the vote of three members.
  7. Members of the EC must  be present to vote. Proxies are allowed in writing and only in emergency situation as determined by the President.
  8. The minutes of the meetings will be recorded by the Secretary and should be presented for approval in the next meeting. In the absence of the Secretary, President  may  assign another member of the EC to record the minutes.


Responsibilities And Authority of the Executive Committee:

  1. The EC shall conduct day to day affairs of IAMC.
  2. The EC shall manage the property or properties of IAMC.
  3. The executive committee shall prepare the annual budget of IAMC.
  4. The EC is authorized to spend up to $5000 per month.
  5. EC shall prepare financial reports for presentation to the Board or general Body.

President :

  1. Shall preside over all the meetings of EC and meetings of the General Body, with the exception of General body Meeting for elections.
  2. Shall present an annual report at the general Body Meeting for the preceding 12 months and present the budget for the coming calendar year. The president shall also present the financial report for the current year.
  3. Shall present quarterly reports of the activities of IAMC to BOT and communicate the decisions of the Board to the EC for implementation and or information. In his absence the President may designate another member of the EC to present the quarterly report.
  4. Shall sign documents on behalf of the EC.
  5. Shall represent IAMC to meet any Govt. officials, visiting delegations from other religious associations, neighbors etc. President may designate another member of the EC for such meeting.
  6. Authorized to spend not more than $2000 in any given calendar month.
  7. Nominate the Chairpersons of Education committee, Cemetery committee and other (ad-hoc) committees.
  8. Serve in advisory capacity  to all committees.
  9. Make all logistical arrangements for review and/or approval of all the amendments to the constitution or Bylaws by either General Body or the Board in accordance with the Articles nine of the constitution.
  10. Prepare and maintain an IAMC operations manual, that will contain day-to-day operational procedures for various activities of IAMC e.g. facility utilization, fund raising, accounts auditing etc
  11. At the end of the President’s term, the President will transfer the Operations manual  to the successor and will participate in the EC as a  consultant and non-voting member.
  12. Shall help the secretary in keeping records of all the affairs of the EC.

Vice President :

  1. In the absence of the President shall carry out the functions of the President.
  2. Perform any special assignment assigned by the EC.
  3. Shall be responsible for maintenance of the facility.

Secretary :

  1. Shall prepare the agenda and coordinate the meetings of the EC and General Body and take minutes,
  2. Shall be the custodian of the records of IAMC and transfer the same to his or her successor.
  3. Shall present the minutes of the previous meeting for approval.
  4. Shall manage and coordinate all announcements, media relationships, community postings, web site contents and technical assets of IAMC.

Treasurer :

  1. Treasurer shall be the head of the Finance Committee.
  2. Shall maintain accounts of the receipts and expanses of IAMC.
  3. Shall maintain separate Ledgers for separate financial activities, including Zakat funds, Sadaqa, donations to the Masjid for upkeep  and donation to the School.
  4. The Treasurer can sign checks for amounts upto$5000.00 for recurring and $500.00 for non-recurring expanses. For larger amounts the check must be co-signed by the President or chairman of the Board or a member of the board designated by the chairman.
  5. Conduct banking activities on behalf of  IAMC, including making deposits and disbursements.
  6. Provide the EC with monthly Financial state of IAMC , by the 10th day of each month. This information must also be published on IAMC bulletin board for public access.
  7. With the help of President or his designee, prepare and present the budget of IAMC to  EC  for approval.
  8. At the end of each fiscal year the accountant shall have the accounts of IAMC audited by an independent CPA.
  9. At the end of hi/her term the Treasurer shall hand over the accounts to his/her successor in good order.
  10. Shall be responsible for cash counting which should be witnessed by another designated by EC.

Social Coordinator:

  1. Coordinate all social and community activities under the guidelines set forth by the EC.
  2. Present tot the EC plans for each event outlining the costs, activities, strategies and emergency action, etc.

8. Removal / Resignation  :

  1. REMOVAL : Any member of the EC including President can be removed for Good Cause, after a due process, as described in this article. Good Cause is defined as (1) a violation of these Bylaws, (2) Failing to attend 3 consecutive meetings of EC without justifiable reason for which the EC in timely informed, (3) Indictment in a criminal offence, (4) behavior contrary to the spirit of Islam.
  2. For any such removal, the member involved must be provided a notice of Good Cause for removal against him, in the form of a statement provided by the Board, sent by certified or registered mail to last known address of the member. The Member has a right to respond to the allegations. Any response received, shall be reviewed by all the members of Board as well as all the members of the EC independently. A joint meeting of the Board and the EC should make a final decision in the matter. Only the members of the Board will have the right to vote for the final decision, with a minimum of five-seventh vote needed to remove the member.
  3. Any member of the EC who has been removed may arbitrate the matter in accordance with Articles of the Constitution
  4. RESIGNATION : Any member of the EC may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President of the EC. If the resignation be of the president, or the President’s office is vacant, it shall be submitted to the Chairperson of the Board or in his or her absence to any member of the Board. The resignation shall be circulated all members of the Board.Such resignation shall take effect  at the time specified therein, or, if the time is not specified, then at the time of acceptance thereof as determined by the President or Board, as the case may be.
  5. Any vacancy created in the EC by resignation, removal or demise of  a member, shall be filled with in 30 days,  by a member of the General Body, in good standing and qualified to be a member of EC. The EC would be responsible for nominating replacement member to complete the remaining term. Board shall have the right to accept or refuse the nomination.



  1. Appointment. The Imam will be appointed from time to time by six seventh  vote of the Board. The Board will set compensation in accordance with the Imam’s experience, skills, education, and such other factors as the Board shall deem relevant. The Imam should belong to one of the four schools (madhabs) of traditional Sunni Islam.


  1. Responsibilities.


  1. The Imam will serve as a religious advisor to the Board, all committees including the EC, and the General Body. Additional duties may be     specified by the Board. The Imam is not an officer of IAMC.
  2. The Board and EC may, collectively, certify a question to the Imam in writing. If two-thirds of the members of the Board and EC, collectively agree in writing to accept the Imam’s opinion with respect to the  certified question, then the Board or EC agrees to be bound to that opinion to the extent  the opinion does not conflict with any provisions of the constitution and Bylaws, the Articles of Incorporation, the laws of the state of Texas, or the laws of the United States.
  1. REMOVAL:  IMAM may be removed only by a unanimous vote of the BOARD.


Under the guidance of the Board and support and supervision of the EC, Sunday Islamic school shall be established. The organization and functioning of the school shall be according to the following guidelines:


i) The school Governing Council shall operate the IAMC Sunday School religious education program.

ii) The School Governing Council shall consist of five members: (1) two people selected by the Board, (2) one person selected by the EC, (3) one person selected by the Parents-Teachers organization. Imam will be the fifth member.

iii) Of the two members selected by the Board, one shall be the Principal of the School, who will be responsible for the day to day administration of the Sunday school. The other Board selected member shall be the Chairperson of the School Governing Council. Who shall be responsible for the long term planning, policies and coordination with the Board.


i)  Funding for the school operations shall be generated from the Tuition Fee, Registration fees and fund raising events, organized by the school.

ii)  If additional funds are needed, school may request additional funding from IAMC general funds through the EC, subject to approval by the Board.

iii)  The school principal shall serve as the treasure for school account.

iv)  The School Principal can sign checks for amounts up to $5000.00 for recurring expenses and $500.00 for non-recurring expenses. For larger amounts the check must be co-signed by the President of the EC or authorized member of the Board with signature authority on the account.

v) The spending limit for the principal will be same as that of  the President of EC.

vi) Capital expenditures of $1000 or more must be approved by the Board.

vii) Financial report of School activities shall be provided to the Board quarterly by the principal or Board representative of the Governing council.

viii) The president of the EC has the final authority on coordinating and deciding any events, organized by the school, that take place on IAMC property or outside.


i) With the guidance of IMAM, the School Governing Council will plan and execute all the academic activities including selection of curriculum, class arrangements and assignments for the teachers.

ii)  Any extracurricular activities organized by  the school shall be in accordance with guidelines set forth in ARTICLE 2 of the constitution.


i)  Any conflicts that may arise regarding the working of the school, between the members of the School Governing Council, School volunteers, students or Teachers, shall be resolved according to the provisions of the ARTICLE 7 of the constitution. A hierarchal system will be used in conflict resolution starting with governing council, EC, Board and then binding arbitration.


  1. General Provisions.
  1. a. Each committee shall include a member of the EC except the  Women’s Committee, unless a member of the EC is of Female gender and thereby can head the Women’s Committee.
  2. b. The tenure of any Committee shall not exceed the term of the EC. Committees can be dissolved by the EC at any time.
  3. c. The EC will assign responsibilities of all committees as needed.
  4. d. Recommendation of all the Committees shall be presented to the EC for review, approval and further action.
  1. Special Committees.
  1. The Board and the EC each shall have the power to form special   Committees, from time to time. The Board shall have power to     form panels and other advisory groups from time to time. The Board has a right to appoint individuals to any committee at any time, in accordance with the guidelines set forth below.
  2. Special Committees may include Building Committee, Public relations Committee, Women’s Committee, Youth Committee and Membership Committee.


  1. Standing Committees.
  2. Standing Committees shall be School Governing Council, and the Finance, Education committee and Zakat Committees.

i)  The school Governing Council shall operate the IAMC Sunday School religious education program.

ii) The School Governing Council shall consist of five members: (1) two people selected by the Board, (2) one person selected by the EC, (3) one person selected by the Parents-Teachers organization. Imam will be the fifth member.

iii) Of the two members selected by the Board, one shall be the Principal of the School, who will be responsible for the day to day administration of the Sunday School. The other Board selected member shall be the Chairperson of the School Governing Council who shall be responsible for the long term planning, policies and coordination with the Board.


i) The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.

ii) The Finance Committee shall provide information to the EC to assist in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and the annual budget.


i) The religious affair committee shall consist of Imam, one person selected by the Board and at least one person selected by the EC.

ii)  The religious committee shall coordinate classes and programs for adults and children from time to time to learn Quran, Hadith and related topics.



The Zakat Committee shall include the treasurer, Imam and one other member selected from the Board.  The Committee shall coordinate the collection and distribution of Zakat as per the tenets of Islam. Distribution shall require documentation of need on appropriate form and approval a majority of the members.


  1. Fiscal year. The Fiscal Year of IAMC shall be calendar year. It will start from January 1st. and end on December 31st.
  2. Bank Account. The Association shall maintain a non-interest bearing account at a Bank in Mid-Cities area.
  3. Certification. The EC shall appoint a Certified Public accountant to audit IAMC accounts annually. EC President shall present the report at the general Body at the annual meeting.


  1. Official List of Eligible Voting Members


a.             The EC shall complete a list containing the names of  all individuals who, as of June 30, are

i)      Voting Members eligible to vote in the General Body Meeting and the coming elections (see article 3.03)

ii)      Voting Members, who are eligible to serve on the EC (see article 4.04 B 5 a) and

iii)     Voting Members, who are eligible to serve on the Board  (see article 4.03 G 2).

b.            The list shall be submitted  for the review of the Board no later  than   September 15.  This list shall be posted for review of the General Body no later than September 30.

c.            Voting Members have until October 31 to contest any name on the list or request the addition of a name. Individuals who fulfill the  requirements to be Voting Member after June 30, may be added to the list, only with the approval of and validation by the EC.

  1. Election Commission
  1. The Board shall form an Election Commission at least 45 days prior to the election date. The members of this commission cannot be the candidates for any office nor can they campaign for anyone  running for an office.
  2. Election Commission shall seek nominations at least 30 days prior to the date of election.
  3. The Election Commission shall announce and post the final list  of the candidates in the Masjid at least 15 days prior to the election day.
  1. Eligibility and Voting Procedures
  1. Only Voting Members in good standing shall have the right to vote in elections.
  2. Votes will be cast by secret ballots, which will be tallied at the end of the election by the Election Commission, and the results shall be announced immediately.
  3. The Board shall maintain all election ballots and records for a period of 2 years.
  1. Election Day
  1. If conditions on the election day warrant postponement  due to reasons beyond control of the Election Commission the election may be postponed  to the following Sunday. If once again, the circumstances warrant, the election may be postponed   to the next Sunday(s) until election is held.