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Contact Us: +1 (817) 788-7872

Sunday School: +1 (817) 381-5513

Family Night

Family Night takes place every 3rd Friday of the month from Maghrib to Isha. Come learn about the importance of family values in Islam.

Game Night

A chance for the youth of the community to come and enjoy a Friday night at the masjid.

(Last Friday of Every Month)



Youth Programs

Come Check Out The Many Youth Programs Available At Colleyville Masjid!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to implement the prophetic model of a true community. The purpose of our masjid goes beyond just a house of worship. We want everyone to consider the masjid as their home. Our community is one family. Our strength comes from each and every member of the community.

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Colleyville Masjid offers a variety of Programs & Services for the community.

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